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After the Interview, Part 1 – The Thank You Note

When you are one of many candidates being considered, what you do after the interview can set you apart significantly and increase your chances of being offered the job. The first — and most important — thing to do is … Continue reading

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5 Salary Negotiating Mistakes to Avoid

Discussing salary requirements with a potential employer can be nerve-racking. Ask for too much and you may not get the job. Ask for too little and you may miss out on a substantial amount of money. Knowing how to avoid … Continue reading

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FAQs About Job Offers: Part One

You’ve interviewed with a company and things went well. The next step is the job offer. In most cases, it’s a simple process — they offer you the job; you accept. But sometimes there are circumstances surrounding the job offer … Continue reading

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May I Have Your Hand In Employment?

You wouldn’t marry someone you just met. So why do so many of us join associations/companies we barely know? Of course, jobs aren’t in the same league as marriage, but there is a certain level of commitment when you accept … Continue reading

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