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Why Should I Update My Resume Now?

I love my job! Why should I update my résumé now? Summary of article posted on Brazen life by Jo Casey. Click HERE for the full article. When everything is going as you expected! With the upturn of the economy … Continue reading

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Passion. Risk. Success. From the example of George Lucas

George Lucas, the well-known creator of the Star Wars movies, is a perfect example of finding your ideal career. And that it doesn’t always look the way we originally think it should. In a 2013 podcast, George Lucas admits that … Continue reading

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Is There Such a Thing as a “Quick” Job Search? Yes!

Moving at the speed of life can be difficult with all of the directions that we are pulled in; keeping up with family, friends, work, and recreation has pushed us to our limits as far as time is concerned. Add … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Promoted! Make Sure It’s Not for the Last Time.

It’s the news you’ve been hoping for. You worked hard, took on more responsibility, and communicated well in the interview. Now you’ve been promoted! Take a moment to savor your success, and enjoy your new salary and title. Then, be … Continue reading

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Find Career Mentors – Today!

When thinking of the word “mentor” most of us picture a one-on-one relationship. Usually, many of us see this person as guiding us throughout our careers, giving us advice, and meeting with us regularly. While all that can – and … Continue reading

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Set SUPER SHORT Term Goals

I’m a big proponent of short term goals. I cover how they specifically relate to getting a promotion in “I Want a Job in an Association – Now What???,” but they can apply to just about anything. Based on what … Continue reading

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