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Preparing For A Performance Review

Performance appraisal. Your annual review. This once-a-year process usually involves a self-assessment as well as feedback from a manager. If this is your first appraisal at your company, find out how it’s typically handled — and what it involves — … Continue reading

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5 Salary Negotiating Mistakes to Avoid

Discussing salary requirements with a potential employer can be nerve-racking. Ask for too much and you may not get the job. Ask for too little and you may miss out on a substantial amount of money. Knowing how to avoid … Continue reading

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How to Manage Your Supervisor to Enhance Your Career Prospects

If your manager, supervisor, or boss likes the way you perform, he or she has the power to recommend you for promotions and to reward you with bonuses or pay increases. On the other hand, they can pass you by, … Continue reading

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You Have a 1.2% Chance of Getting a Job Through an Online Application – How to Increase Your Odds

I recently attended The National Resume Writers’ Association’s annual conference, where I learned of this startling statistic. While I always knew that having an internal company contact was MUCH more effective than applying to open jobs, even I was surprised … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Whether you’re on LinkedIn to look for a job, to network, or to engage in business or career development, one of the most important assets you can have is a well-crafted profile. Many people neglect to optimize their profile page, … Continue reading

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Be Intentional About Your Career Legacy

I had the opportunity this month to visit Poland – what a trip! Reconnecting with family, visiting the Warsaw Uprising Museum where my grandpa’s picture is posted, and touring the country – all of these contributed to an amazing experience. … Continue reading

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Why Should I Update My Resume Now?

I love my job! Why should I update my résumé now? Summary of article posted on Brazen life by Jo Casey. Click HERE for the full article. When everything is going as you expected! With the upturn of the economy … Continue reading

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