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Guest Post: Popular Software that Companies Look for in a Resume

In today’s job market, it would be easy to assume that you don’t need to list computer skills on your resume. Doesn’t everyone know how to use Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint? The surprising answer is ‘no’. Many job applicants don’t … Continue reading

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Should you send the boss a holiday card?

“Thinking about sending the boss a holiday card?” asks Allison & Taylor, a reference checking firm in Rochester, Michigan in their article Deciding Whether to Send the Boss a Holiday Card. You probably have a good idea: a 2008 survey … Continue reading


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8 Tips to find the Best Executive Jobs

While exploring the web for some job search tips to share with my readers, I ran across an article written by Meg Guiseppi based on a query by’s job search expert Alison Doyle. Alison put together eight bits of … Continue reading

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Time Off: Vital To Your Career!

Recently, I went on my first vacation since 2003. Though I’ve been fortunate to have travelled quite a bit since then, it had been a full eight years since my last vacation. You might be confused – aren’t travel and … Continue reading

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